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My Debut EP 'Each Other' as a physical experience for your collective charm!

People have described it as the perfect sound to 'wake up to on a relaxed chill sunday morning in bed, drifting away to on a warm mid summer night, escaping from the world on a heavily rainy day or for calming and equally cheering up on a smooth road trip with your friends while the sun is painting the hills and valleys.'

Oh.. and someone said it feels like a big warm hug! :)

It will lighten up your mood & let you dream.

Do we not all need a little comfort from time to time, some peace to bring us back from this fast-paced chaotic world surrounding us, an escape to what really matters? - Ourselves.

And knowing we are not alone in this?

If you'd like me to personally sign this CD for you, I would love to do that.
Just mention 'signed' in the instruction field at the very bottom of the page where you fill in your shipping info.
This CD comes in a snow white - colored digipack and includes further information like a special code for all the song lyrics / papers inside.

REMINDER: There are only limited copies of this EP available, so when they are gone, they are gone.

Make sure you get yours! :)

~ Pat

P.S: If you came here from my website, you also get a unique card with a calligraphic hand-lettering of YOUR name as a gift! + you don't have to pay a penny for shipping if you grab an item from me the first time.

It's FREE ! It's on me. Happy experience ! :)


1. Each Other

2. Another You

3. House on the Water

4. Remember

5. Footprints

6. Everest

PRODUCED // RECORDED & MIXED by Henning Strandt at Watt Matters Studio, Bielefeld 2015 / Germany.
MASTERED by Kai Blankenberg (BOY, Silbermond, Philipp Poisel, u.v.m.) at Skyline Tonfabrik, Duesseldorf / Germany.